• Coromatic whitepaper Site Management Survey 2019

    Site Management Survey 2019

    Are you building your digital future on a weak foundation?

    More and more companies are adopting digital strategies to keep up with the competition or try to disrupt markets. Driven by new technology and forever changing the way we work, affecting even the core business models of companies, digitalization is on most decision makers agenda.

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  • Coromatic whitepaper - Increase the efficiency of your datacenter

    Increase the efficiency of your datacenter

    Coromatic Critical Facilities Operations (CFOPS) Framework

    Coromatic has put together a program for quality control and operation of data centers and other business-critical infrastructure. The program has been donated to Open Compute Project (OCP) and is free to use to increase the quality of operations in mission critical facilities.
    The objective of this paper is to disseminate the program to increase the efficiency of operations and to codify effective processes and routines.

    OCP offers a platform for openly sharing intellectual property and encourage the IT-industry to evolve, much like open projects in the software industry. The purpose of this whitepaper is to make Coromatics services known while encouraging the inclusion of the OCP program in all development projects. If you are unfamiliar with Coromatic Critical Facilities Operations (CFOPS) Framework, it's time to gain insight.

    Lataa Increase the efficiency of your datacenter

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  • Coromatic White paper - Edge computing explained

    Strategies for a Digital Future

    Edge Computing explained

    Edge computing is already influencing businesses and organizations. The technology means new business opportunities for better service, increased efficiency and reduced costs. However, certain requirements will need to be fulfilled to implement new technology and start using it for business development. In this whitepaper we look at how to apply edge computing.

    Lataa Strategies for a Digital Future

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  • Coromatic whitepaper Mind the gap, english

    Mind the gap

    Critical facilities site management survey 2016

    In March 2016, Coromatic concluded its annual Critical Facilities Site Manager Survey. More than 330 site managers from organizations in 24 different countries responded to questions about the maturity of their organizations’ approach to Critical Facilities site operations.

    Lataa Mind the gap

    Kun lataat paperikirjan, suostut siihen, että Coromatic voi ottaa sinuun yhteyttä.
  • Coromatic whitepaper, CF site management survey 2015

    Critical facilities

    Site management survey 2015

    In 2015, Coromatic concluded its annual Critical Facilities Site Management Survey. More than 100 site managers in different countries responded to questions about the maturity of their organizations’ approach to Critical Facilities site operations. The questions spanned the areas of business dependency, business demand and budgeting of sites, both for operations and site investments.

    Lataa Critical facilities

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  • Coromatic white paper, In the shadow of the cloud

    In the shadow of the cloud

    Yesterday, today and tomorrow

    Many companies today are contemplating moving into the cloud, either partially or through fully outsourcing their IT services and operations. Many more are already in the cloud. They are seeing the cost benefits of receiving cheaper IT-services, applications, functions and storage via cloud access through the internet rather than via the on-site in-house managed services of old.

    Lataa In the shadow of the cloud

    Kun lataat paperikirjan, suostut siihen, että Coromatic voi ottaa sinuun yhteyttä.
  • Coromatic whitepaper, CF study Nordic hospitals

    CF study

    Nordic hospitals market trends and associated risks

    In 2015, Coromatic Group concluded a Critical Facilities study covering the years 2000-2013. The scope was of the Nordic hospital market and its reliance on two mission critical functions, power and communications, taking into consideration the increased amount of data being processed in different systems.

    Lataa CF study

    Kun lataat paperikirjan, suostut siihen, että Coromatic voi ottaa sinuun yhteyttä.
  • Coromatic whitepaper, Energy optimization

    Energy optimization

    Save both money and the environment

    In recent years, the data center sector has investigated varying solutions for lowering environmental impact. Initially, stakeholders talked about green IT, i.e., electricity that supplied the centers should be green in the sense that energy came from renewable sources such as solar, wind, or water. Now, energy generation and measurement methods are far more sophisticated, because all stakeholders increasingly demand climate-smart solutions in every process phase.

    Lataa Energy optimization

    Kun lataat paperikirjan, suostut siihen, että Coromatic voi ottaa sinuun yhteyttä.
  • Coromatic whitepaper, 24/7 uptime

    24/7 uptime

    What happens if operations shut down?

    In our increasingly digitized world, infrastructures that manage data traffic are increasingly mission-critical. From the days when network- and data-communication systems equated with data centers in basements, their importance gradually became central.

    Lataa 24/7 uptime

    Kun lataat paperikirjan, suostut siihen, että Coromatic voi ottaa sinuun yhteyttä.
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Case studies

  • Operational stability and cost efficiency

    With its central position in the digital world and its physical location in Piteå, Fortlax is northern Sweden's leading player in the data center industry. The company offers both cloud services and traditional colocation to Swedish and international customers. Today, Fortlax has three data centers in operation on its campus. As an important part of its growth strategy, the company has moved to channel all its energy into offering customers various data center-based, value-adding IT services.

  • Data center as a Service

    Power is one of the largest vendors of electronics in Norway, with shops all over the country, as well as providing a web shop. Power Norge AS is a subsidiary of Power International, which is a Nordic group. The parent company and all group functions are based in Norway. Power offers a wide range of products for household appliances, kitchen appliances, computers, mobile phones, televisions, etc., at competitive prices.

  • Operations of data center secure digital services

    Swedbank is one of Sweden’s leading banks. The bank has 7.3 million private individuals as customers, and over 600,000 businesses and organizations as customers. Its home markets are Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Bank’s large enterprise unit also operates in the other Nordic countries. Swedbank offers a comprehensive range of financial services within the areas of lending, payments, savings, investments, and insurance, as well as financial advisory services, all anchored in the vision to enable people, businesses and communities to thrive and grow. Since 2014, Swedbank’s headquarters office has been located in the Stockholm urban area, in Sundbyberg.

  • Energy-saving renovations

    CGI listened to its customers and further improved energy efficiency in its data centres. The renovation started in small steps to see what benefits could be achieved through cooling optimisation.
    Since the results were even better than expected, CGI decided to upgrade its entire cooling supply chain stage by stage.

  • varmentaa toimintaansa akkuvalvonnalla

    Leijonaverkoilla on käytössä Powershieldin akkuvalvonta. Akuston tilaa voi seurata reaaliaikaisesti esim. mobiilisovelluksella. Akkuvalvonta toimii kytkemällä anturit jokaiseen akkuun ja akkuketjuun. Järjestelmä kerää tietoa yksittäisen akun jännitteestä, impedanssista ja lämpötilasta.
    Ohjelmisto kokoaa ja analysoin nämä tiedot ja arvioi niiden perusteella akun suorituskykyä ja tilaa.

  • New regional data center in the North of Norway

    A few years ago, Helse Nord started the process of centralising all IT – operations to create one professional function covering all hospitals and health institutions of the region. Following this, Helse Nord IKT was established in 2006 with the purpose of centralizing all IT - management, operations and development servicing 18 0000 employees daily. After a while it became necessary to coordinate all IT-infrastructure in a completely new data center. Coromatic was given the challenge to build the new data center.

  • Data centerin hukkalämmön hyödytäminen

    Climaveneta tuotemerkkisten IT-jäähdytysjärjestelmien toimittaja Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics on hiljattain toimittanut kaksi lämpöpumppua Fortumille Espooseen, joka hyödyntää laitteistoa siirtämällä datakeskuksen hukkalämmön kaukolämpöverkkoon. Datakeskus kuuluu monikansalliselle verkko- ja televiestintälaitteistoja sekä palveluja tarjoavalle Ericssonille. Lämpöpumppujen toimituksen ja käyttöönoton toteutti johtava kriittisten järjestelmien toimittaja Coromatic.

  • Moving from heat waste to heat recovery

    Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, through its brand Climaveneta has recently supplied two heat pumps for Fortum’s district heating in Espoo, Finland. Fortum, a Finnish energy company, will utilize waste heat from a data center and supply the heat into a district heating network. The data center belongs to Ericsson, a multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company based in Sweden. Project was managed and supplied by Coromatic.

  • Turn key data centers

    Coromatic has full responsibility for the data centers, from design and construction to installation and even service. Service in particular is an important function to ensure availability, where Coromatic is responsible for regularly servicing the data centers according to an agreed plan. Furthermore, Coromatic is responsible for responding to emergency problems at the data centers.

  • Elämälle kriittinen virranjakelu

    Etelä-Tukholman keskussairaala, SÖS, on kuin oma yhteisönsä.Noin 100 klinikkaa ja yksikköä muodostavat sairaalan, joka palvelee potilaita läpi elämän. SÖS on päivystyssairaala, jossa hoidetaan vuosittain145 000 äkillisen sairauden tai tapaturman kohtaamaa uhria. Noin 70 prosenttia sairaalan leikkauspotilaista on hätätapauksia. SÖS on myösyksi maan suurimmista synnytyslaitoksista, sillä siellä syntyy noin 7 000 lasta vuodessa. Kaiken tämän on jatkuttava häiriöittä - riippumatta sähkökatkonpituudesta.

  • Growth with a secure power supply

    Swedavia owns, operates and develops a network of ten airports in Sweden. The company was formed in 2010 and is wholly owned by the Swedish state. In 2015, a total of 37.6 million passengers travelled to or from Swedavia’s airports. One of these, Bromma Stockholm Airport, is now facing major modernization where Coromatic has been contracted to install an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and emergency power.

  • Securing data and telecommunication

    Vattenfall is one of Europe’s largest electricity producers and, in 2014, had net revenues in excess of SEK 165 billion and more than 31,000 employees. The company produces electricity and heat from six types of energy: wind, nuclear, natural gas, biomass, coal and hydropower.
    Vattenfall is wholly owned by the Swedish state.

  • Solid infrastructure secures Swedbank

    In 2014, Swedbank moved its head office from Brunkebergs square in central Stockholm to a newly built 45,000-square-meter office property in Sundbyberg (near Stockholm). The move was made to create a new, more modern workplace for the bank’s employees to meet the requirements characterized by a modern bank operation as of today.

  • Data center at nuclear energy site

    Ringhals outgrew its 1980’s data center and did not comply with many of the new datacenter security standards that now regulate the nuclear energy sector. Stakeholders commissioned a rigorous three-year investigation and decided to renovate the old data center and build a new one. This launched typical data center construction – in a very unusual security area.

  • Uninterruptible power and cooling

    Glostrup Hospital is the largest and most specialized hospital in Denmark. When planning a 20-percent extension of the hospital, it contracted Coromatic as a partner in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the hospital’s new power and cooling system.

  • Backup power solution

    The Østfold Kalnes hospital in Sarpsborg, Norway, is the Østfold region’s new hospital and has become operational in stages throughout 2016. The hospital provides both specialist and general medical care for the 300,000 inhabitants of the Øsfold county. The hospital also has one of largest emergency departments in Norway and expects to receive more than 100 patients on a daily basis. The total area of the hospital is 85,500 sqm. Construction of the new hospital began following a decision by the Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority in 2010 to build a new regional hospital.

  • Secure power supply keeps the wheels rolling

    Harald A. Møller AS, the biggest car importer in Norway, has imported more than 1 million cars to Norwegian customers since start-up. Their car brands Volkswagen, Audi and Škoda all hold solid market positions. Harald A. Møller AS is a part of MøllerGruppen, a family-owned company and a leading player in the Nordic car industry. The company is handling import, dealers and finance in Norway, Sweden and the Baltics.

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  • Edge konesaliratkaisut

    IT- ja teollisuusyritykset ovat rakentaneet uutta suorituskykyä ja tuottavuutta
    uusien teknologiainnovaatioiden avulla. Ja vaikka cloud computing eli pilvipalvelu on teollisen muutoksen merkittävä mahdollistaja, myös edge computing-tekniikasta on nopeasti tulossa tärkeä osa teollisen Internetin (IoT) yhtälöä. Coromatic Edge konesali on käyttövalmis ratkaisu tähän tarpeeseen.

  • All modern operations are digitalised in some way

    Today, all operations are digitalised in some way or another, both business processes and various company-wide functions. This allows us to constantly work from different locations and always stay connected. Not least in the office, where we take for granted that we can move from different meetings, common areas and back to the desk without losing contact with the network and important systems.

  • Best professional way to verify existing status

    Site Assessment is a service performed by Coromatic to connect the present infrastructure to business strategy. The result maps how well the infrastructure can support the business. Is it adequate or does it need an update?

  • Anna meidän hoitaa kriittisten toimintojenne hallinnointi

    Olipa laitetilassa uusi tai jo toimiva kriittinen järjestelmä, Coromatic tarjoaa useita erilaisia palveluita sen hallintaan. Soveltamalla teollisuuden standardiprosesseja ja parhaita käytäntöjä varmistamme, että siirtymävaihe on sujuva ja minimoi riskit loppukäyttäjälle, joka luottaa järjestelmän katkeamattomaan käytettävyyteen.

  • We manage the operation of your mission critical sites

    As a non-core business for most organizations, the operation of critical sites imposes heavy demands and can be costly, still these sites are mission critical for the entire business. Coromatic has a service portfolio which can relieve this business pain and take responsibility for the ongoing operation of mission-critical sites and make sure that they operate at peak functionality 24/7.

  • Turvaa yrityksenne kriittiset toiminnot 24/7/365

    Coromaticilla on Pohjoismaissa yli 300 kokenutta, teollisuuden prosessit tuntevaa teknistä ammattilaista, jotka ovat erikoistuneet yritysten kriittisen infrastruktuurin turvaamiseen ja ylläpitämiseen. Valtakunnallisena toimijana tarjoamme yrityksellenne aina sovitussa vasteajassa asiantuntevan ammattilaisen varmistamaan liiketoimintaympäristönne toimivuuden.

  • We provide 24/7/365 service maintenance of your mission critical sites

    Stable power and data communication supply plays a crucial role in maintaining the operation of almost any of today’s organizations. In our digitalized society, there is no room for power failure or disruption in data communication. Ensuring the right level of maintenance in time and securing high uptime levels requires a professional provider of maintenance. This is why Coromatic is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes and ensuring continuous supply of power and data communication, for uninterrupted business 24/7.

  • Non Sonus OSD C100 NS

    A highly soundproofed superstructure made from a sandwich construction from our own factory with variable speed electric fans that ensures low noise levels. This allows for use within urban areas, even during evenings and weekends.

  • Strategic management advice for secure and sustainable operations

    Digitalization enables things that we could once only dream about, while challenging traditional business models. Although digitalization brings many new opportunities, it also places entirely new demands on infrastructure, with seemingly basic aspects as power supply and data communication becoming crucial for maintaining operations. Operations need to run 24/7, and management teams need to have access to the right information anywhere – and at any time.

  • Fortum – Ericsson

    Climaveneta tuotemerkkisten IT-jäähdytysjärjestelmien toimittaja Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics on hiljattain toimittanut kaksi lämpöpumppua Fortumille Espooseen, joka hyödyntää laitteistoa siirtämällä datakeskuksen hukkalämmön kaukolämpöverkkoon. Datakeskus kuuluu monikansalliselle verkko- ja televiestintälaitteistoja sekä palveluja tarjoavalle Ericssonille. Lämpöpumppujen toimituksen ja käyttöönoton toteutti johtava kriittisten järjestelmien toimittaja Coromatic.

  • Coromaticin avulla yritys ja organisaatio voivat toimia keskeytyksettä

    Asioista, joista olemme aiemmin pystyneet vain haaveilemaan, tulee digitalisoinnin myötä arkipäivää ja samalla perinteiset liiketoimintamallit kyseenalaistetaan. Digitaalisten teknologioiden käyttö auttaa yrityksiä säästämään aikaa sekä rahaa ja mahdollistaa tuotteiden ja palveluiden saatavuuden asiakkaille edullisemmin ja helpommin. Tulemme näkemään monia mielenkiintoisia mahdollisuuksia ja sovelluksia lähitulevaisuudessa.

  • Uninterruptible power and emergency power

    Critical Power is a collective name for systems that guarantee uninterruptible and seamless power delivery, which is crucial if operations are to run smoothly in the long term. The field of Critical Power has also become more important with the rapid digital trend and the need for a reliable supply of electricity. Today, we can see that more functions are business-critical, which has raised the priority given to the issue of power supply and emergency power.

  • Critical Power - Häiriötöntä sähköä ja varavoimaa

    Critical Power on yleisnimitys järjestelmälle, joka takaa häiriöttömän ja tasalaatuisen sähkönjakelun yrityksen toiminnan varmistamiseksi pidemmällä ajanjaksolla. Nopea digitaalinen kehitys edellyttää
    luotettavaa sähkönjakelua, Samaan aikaan Critical Power eli luotettavan sähkönjakelun turvaaminen on entistä tärkeämpää yhä usemman järjestelmän ollessa toimintakriittisiä.

  • Äänetön varavoima

    Non Sonus OSD C100 NS on maailman hiljaisin generaattori ja samalla se on siirrettävä, vetoakselien päälle asennettu varavoimakoneikko. Coromaticin Non Sonus tuotevalikoimaan kuuluvan koneen äänitaso on 52 desibeliä, joka vastaa nykyaikaista astianpesukonetta. Tästä oppaasta löydät siirrettävän varavoimakoneikon suomenkieliset tuotetiedot.

  • Prefabricated 10-, 20- and 40-foot units

    Coromatic is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Coromatic offers solutions designed and built with Nordic quality. However, our geographic presence is much wider than that. Coromatic recently built data centers in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America. This experience enables us to fully understand the customers’ different needs. The Coromatic team has a proven record of accomplishment of deploying high quality turnkey projects including civil work worldwide.

  • Tarkka selvitys infrastruktuurin nykytilasta

    Haluatko että kartoitamme yrityksenne palvelintilat ja teemme sinulle ehdotuksen miten tehostat ja turvaat IT infrastruktuurin toimivuutta?

  • Coromatic palvelin- ja aktiivilaitekaappi

    Konesalikäyttöön optimoutu ja kustannustehokas laitekaappi.

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  • Opas

    Jatkuva, riittävä ja reduntantti jäähdytysteho on tärkeää monilla aloilla kuten IT-alalla, teollisuudessa sekä yhteiskunnan infrastruktuurisovelluksissa. Se on kriittistä jopa monissa lääketieteellisissä sovelluksissa. Ratkaisumme ovat käytössä mm. kaikkein kriittisimmissä ympäristöissä, kuten sairaaloissa, rahoituslaitoksissa sekä teleoperaattoreiden ja hosting -yritysten it-laitetiloissa.

  • Sähkö - ja teletilan

    Jäähdytinvalikoima, joka on suunniteltu erityiserityisesti sähkötiloihin, muuntamoihin ja teletiloihin.

  • Opas

    Coromaticin valikoimasta löytyy erilaisia UPSeja eri hintaluokissa. Hinta määräytyy usein suorituskyvyn ja akuston mukaan, mutta on olemassa myös joitakin perustavanlaatuisia eroja, jotka pitäisi ottaa huomioon ennen UPSjärjestelmän hankkimista. Useimmat UPS-järjestelmät ovat nykyään luotettavia ja laadukkaita. Pohjimmiltaan UPSjärjestelmä ei ole erityisen monimutkainen laitteisto. Kolme päätekijää ovat aina samat kaikissa UPSeissa: tasasuuntaaja, invertteri ja akku.

  • Tuotteet

    UPS tuotevalikoimamme kattaa kaikki laadukkaan, virheettömän sähkövirran saannin tarpeet. UPSit, suojatut virtalähteet, staattiset siirtojärjestelmät, taajuuskorjaimet, tasasuuntaajat sekä DC/AC ja AC/DC-muuntimet tarjoavat laajan valikoiman kaikille markkinasektoreille.

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